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​​Spanaway Lutheran Church

Women's Sunday School   9:00 am
Sunday Worship  10:00 am
Sunday School    11:30 am​​

16001 A Street South
P.O. Box 1300
Spanaway Washington  98387

Telling the Story of God's grace and calling
all people to live in faith through God's love.


Sunday mornings we gather as a diverse community to be renewed by the living God. Through education and worship, music, prayer and fellowship, we are invited into the beauty, adventure and mystery of faith. Our Sunday morning offerings include enrichment and learning opportunities for children and adults, community worship in the sanctuary, and a fellowship hour in the parish hall. We warmly welcome you to participate in some or all of these opportunities as you wish. If you are a first-time visitor with children, please know that kids of all ages are free to take part with their parents in worship. Families may sit anywhere they wish, but many prefer the pews opposite the Choir, near the side entrance—handy for quick get-aways to the family room!

Walk through the front door on any Sunday of the year and you will be greeted with a smile, a worship bulletin and an invitation to find yourself a seat. In the pew rack in front of you a red hymnal will be waiting, along with a blue document folder including a contact card for those who would like to make their presence known. The sanctuary is fully wheelchair accessible. Large-print service bulletins and assistive listening devices for those with hearing impairments are available as you enter.

Expressive, participatory liturgy, thoughtful preaching, a blend of new and traditional hymnody, and soul-stirring music are some of the elements you can expect to encounter at Spanaway Lutheran Church Sunday by Sunday.  We keep time by the seasons of the church year and tune our hearts, minds and spirits to the ever-present NOW of God. Worship leadership is shared by ministers, lay people and musicians, including Cheryl Drewes, Director of Music Ministries , and our dedicated volunteer Music Team and Chancel Choir.  For more on worship,                                  

“What should I wear?”   Wear whatever you wish. SLC has no dress code. Most of us dress comfortably and somewhat informally—heels and ties are definitely optional.
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For Those Differently Abled
At SLC we try to be responsive the the needs of all of our worship-pers, providing options for those who may need assistive options to improve their worship participation.
Handicap Accessibility
The Sanctuary at SLC was constructed in 1983, and is completely handicap accessible.  Accessible bathrooms are also available near the sanctuary and fellowship hall.

Hearing Assistance
Hearing assistive devices are avaialble for worshippers at SLC.  We provide both personal audio assistive devices with ear plugs and transmitting loops for those with bluetooth enabled hearing aids.   The pastor's sermons are always printed for the convenience of those who may not catch every word.  

Large Print Resources

Enlarged copies of the bulletin are available each week  for those preferring larger print.  The pastor's sermon is also printed in 16 pt. font for easy reading.

Families and Children

We are so glad that you are thinking of joining us on a Sunday morning! Families with children are very welcome in our sanctuary. Worship  is a multigenerational event, and we see baptized children as being worthy to receive the gifts of Word and Sacrament.   The children's sermon is a long established tradition at SLC, and participation of baptized children at Holy Communion is at the discretion of parent and child.  Child activity sheets and bags as well as children’s books are available in the Narthex (the church lobby).

A viewing window and audio feed from the sanctuary are also available in the family room, where parents with infants can stay connected to the worship service while caring for fussy babies; the family room is accessible directly from the sanctuary.
Parking and Accessibility

 Spanaway Lutheran Church can be reached from Pacific Avenue or 159th Street. The nearest Landmark on Pacific Avenue is the Shell gas station at 159th Street.   Turn onto 159th Street (you can only go east), and you'll see our Reader Board.   ​If you're traveling west on 159th Street, we're just past Thompson Elemtenary and one block east of Pacific Avenue.  Parking for Sunday worship is available from either A Street or B Street off of 159th Street in Spanaway.   
The Nuts and Bolts of Lutheran Worship

We want you to feel welcome to join us for worship. We will not try to do anything that will make you feel uncomfortable. A typical Lutheran service is interactive with the congregation involved through singing, reading and praying. Feel free to participate in any portion of the service or just watch, listen and learn. If you have any questions or need assistance in any way, ask one of the ushers.
Having said all of that we want to remind you of what someone once said about worship; “worship should comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.” In worship we explore and celebrate our relationship with God and with one another. At times we are in need of comforting and at other times we need to be challenged. At SLC we seek to be honest and faithful about our relationship with God and one another.
Like the vast majority of Lutheran churches, Spanaway Lutheran Church has a liturgical worship service. The music and songs used on any particular Sunday will change depending on the style of service. Generally the first and third Sundays we follow a traditional style. On the second and fourth Sundays of the month we use more of a contemporary style. When there is a fifth Sunday we alternate between the two styles. Regardless of the style, the service will contain most or all of the following:

Music is another of the many gifts we bring to God. We choose music as it relates to the theme of the day. We sing a wide variety of hymns in worship. Often we try to learn new or unfamiliar music. You may join in the singing or just listen to the words.

Through our prayers, we can communicate with God. Our prayers of joy, concern, praise and thanksgiving are all brought to God. We offer intercessions for those in particular need. During the prayer time you will have the opportunity to pray for individuals that are in need of our prayers. If you want someone included in the prayers we invite you to let the ushers know.

This is the time when we can give back to God a portion of the gifts He has so generously given us. Please do not feel obligated to contribute. The offering is an expectation of our members to support our ministry together. Visitors are welcome to offer your support but no one will think twice if you simply pass the offering plate on by. Every Christian is challenged to grow in their giving in proportion to the blessings they have been given.

Sharing of the Peace

This is a chance to greet some of the people around you and share the peace of our Lord. Everyone wanders around a bit shaking hands and sharing greetings such as "Peace of the Lord" or just a simple "Good morning!" This is not just a time for simple greetings but an opportunity for us to work for peace in our lives and our relationships.

Children in Worship
We want to have children in worship with us. While we know that they may not understand all that happens and may even be distracting at times, we believe it is important for the whole family to be involved in worship. We do provide a "cry room" for children up to age 4, where parents can view and hear worship.

Confession and Forgiveness
We believe that everyone is a sinner and needs the salvation of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We usually open our service with the words of confession and forgiveness.

Bible Readings
There will be up to 4 readings from the Bible on each Sunday. These are taken from the Old Testament, Psalms, a New Testament letter, and one of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke & John).

Children's Sermon
The children are invited to come and sit at the front of the sanctuary to hear a special message...


The pastor's sermon is usually related to one of the Bible readings for the day. It provides an opportunity for the pastor to talk about how God’s word impacts our lives.

Holy Communion
We believe that we receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ in, with and under the bread and wine we consume during the Lord's Supper. Everyone who believes that Jesus Christ died for their sins is welcome to join us in Holy Communion. We proceed to the alter and kneel (if able) to receive the bread and wine. If you prefer wine you will pick up an empty glass on your way to the communion rail. To receive grape juice instead of wine, simply pick up a glass that is already filled. Children who have been instructed in the meaning of Holy Communion are welcome to participate. Children who have not received instruction may come to the altar to receive a blessing. If you are physically unable to proceed to the altar, notify an usher and Holy Communion can be distributed to you in your pew. If you do not wish to participate in Holy Communion, simply remain seated in your pew.

Reciting one of the creeds (usually either the Apostles or Nicene Creed) is an expression of our beliefs.

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16001 A Street South
P.O. Box 1300
Spanaway Washington  98387